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BARK is offering in-home hospice care in an effort to reduce your pet's  discomfort and your fears during this stage of life.


Veterinary hospice is family-centered care intended to improve the comfort and quality of life in the last season of living.  Hospice is not a place, but a philosophy. We typically serve geriatric patients or those diagnosed with a terminal illness. This care is typically pursued when the focus shifts away from finding a cure and continues until natural death or until the family elects a peaceful euthanasia.   


Goals of pet hospice:


  • To give pets a safe, caring end-of life experience in their comfortable home environment


  • To provide pain control and physical comfort to the pet


  • To provide educational and emotional support for the family and to help prepare for the pending death of your companion


  • To cherish and strengthen the human-animal bond


Hospice care includes, but is not limited to: 


  • Devising and implementing a hospice care plan 

  • Information about the end-stage disease process 

  • Teaching clients home healthcare techniques 

  • Quality of life assessments 

  • Recognizing and treating pain and anxiety 

  • Dehydration support 

  • Nutrition supplementation 

  • Incontinence management 

  • Bandage and wound care 

  • Mobility assistance 

  • Hygiene maintenance   



The First Visit: 


The first visit will include an examination of your pet and evaluation of previous medical records, if available. This visit typically takes 1-2 hours.   Follow-up appointments are scheduled as necessary based on patient progression and client concerns.


We are happy to work in coordination with your primary care veterinarian &/or specialist to provide the best care possible for your pet.   


For more information about veterinary hospice care or to schedule an appointment, please call or email BARK Mobile Pet Vet, LLC.

In-Home Euthanasia



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